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All Natural Treats

Lets face it, there are many varieties of “all natural treats” out on the market. But what really does all natural mean? It can be very confusing when on the hunt for the best all natural treats for your pooch.
Carefully having to read labels for a dog that may have food allergies is more then frustrating.

Many people think by seeing “all natural” it must be the healthier alternative for me dog. And sometimes that is the case, other times it is not. You end up spending a ton of money and your canine has an upset tummy more then they should.
In today’s world we want “the best” all natural dog treats for our dogs with as little additives as possible and fewer ingredients.
That is why Pawsitive Pets Inc. chose to bring in only Canadian Made, 1 ingredient all natural dog treats that are handmade and approved!
We have 2 treats that come in every subscription box, every month! Let me point out the benefits of our treats.

1. Murphys Treats – handmade locally right here in Ontario, 1 ingredient (beef lung, beef heart, or beef liver), no additives, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives. Perfect for dogs with allergies.

2. LickMix – Another local company right here in Canada! 1 ingredient (peanuts), gluten free, vegan, low fat. Versatile that you can serve it 2 ways – as a powder, or mixed with water to make a peanut butter paste to stuff in a Kong, or drizzle over food! Perfect for dogs with allergies.

Our All Natural Dog Treats are as simple and healthy as you can buy and we guarantee your dog will love them both! You also have the option to add on more then 1 bag or shaker along with some of our other amazing products.
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