Benefits of Woofer Wash

Doggie odor……we have all experience it and its nasty! Or maybe your cute pooch has had a nasty run in with a skunk. Every dog carries an odor, some more noticable then others. While every dog does need a doggie spa treatment with all the trimmings to feel fresh, there are times where we just need to get them smelling fresh and clean in a pinch. That is where our all natural Woofer’s Wash Dry Shampoo comes in.
Made with 3 ingredients including all natural lavender, lemongrass, spearmint, and cedarwood. Handmade right here in Ontario with lots of love.
Woofer Wash is designed to be simple in 3 easy steps…….
1. Sprinkle on
2. Rub in
3. Brush out
Now you can snuggle with your pooch without the worry of unwanted odors that may have been lingering on your couch, bed or clothes!

If your 4-legged furbaby is timid of water like my girl is this dry shampoo is a dream come true for me! There are little worry to any allergic reaction that you can get from other shelf products that groomers use. Woofer Wash dry shampoo also will help keep your pooch calm and comfortable and smelling fresh in less then 5 minutes!