Puppy Showers

Say What? A puppy shower?

That’s right! People all over are having puppy showers to welcome their new addition to the family. When you think about it why not right? People have wedding showers, baby showers, and pets are family too!

Unlike a baby shower though, the new addition (your puppy) gets to join in on the fun. You can even have your guests bring their pups too and get your puppy socialized right from day one!
Want to throw a puppy shower for an adopted family pet? Absolutely! The age of the dog does not hinder on the name “puppy shower”. Dogs of any age love to be spoiled with love from their humans. You can even throw a puppy shower before your addition arrives to your home. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to a new pup to have so much activity going on in their new home. So to throw a puppy shower ahead of time is perfectly acceptable too.
Remember, there are no rules. Whatever fits best for your new addition! Please make sure that all pups are up to date on vaccinations; that is our only advice from Pawsitive Pets!


Pawsitive Pets offers versatile products for puppies, giving them all natural ingredient treats and soft mouth toys for play. Our 3mth and 6mth subscriptions make a perfect gift for a puppy shower too. Want a custom box? We have that option as well!

Would you throw a puppy shower? We would love to hear your comments below……….

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The Pawsitive Pets Team