Summer Heat

Summer is here and came in like a lion it seems! The humidity is at an ultimate high making it really tough on not only humans but also our pooches.
Dogs do not “need” to be walked every day; we only think they do. There are many other ways of keeping our dogs entertained inside through routine training methods, light ball play, our snuffle mats are great for sensory and mental stimulation.
While you want to take your furry friend everywhere with you when you go out in the car, it is not advised. Temperatures in a car rise tremendously and dogs can over heat; so leaving your best friend at home where its cool is a better choice – he will thank you for it!


  • Reddened Mucous Membranes
  • Reduced Activity – A dog that is feeling hot will slow down his movements.
  • Excessive Panting – watch for a change in panting habits. Their breathing will be characterized predominantly by panting
  • Seizures – An overheated dog may collapse or experience a seizure
  • Vomiting and or Diarrhea – A dog that is overheating may experience these symptoms

If you witness any of these signs in your dog, first you will want to provide them with a cool environment and water. Next you will want to contact your vet. Overheating in dogs is dangerous if not treated in time!

Other ways of keeping your pooch cool are to provide them with a doggie pool, or a nice swim in the lake. Treat them to some home made ice cream, and always make sure shade is available. Providing fresh water, ice cubes and spritzing them down with a sprayer or a damp towel are a few other options.

We hope you enjoyed the read. Stay safe, stay cool and enjoy!