We have been lucky enough to get a 5-star review blog in Joanne Vivolo’s Lifestyle blog.
Joanne is a Mom to 3 children, Wife, Certified Business Woman, Creator of VIVOLOg, and Author of 5 books including best seller motivational Femme Fabulous. Her unique approach has built an empire while touching the hearts of thousands of women across her social media platforms. Also recently featured in HHH Magazine as a role model to women all around the world.

You can find her blog on Pawsitive Pets here https://www.joannevivolo.com/post/pawsitively-perfect?fbclid=IwAR3gnW8Z87zx_IjdqKbbw033_aYCHiSxY0tbCqVfFbkEsW7nx4p4ry3CP-g

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