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Posted by Pawsitive Pets Inc. on  August 4, 2020
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We have been lucky enough to get a 5-star review blog in Joanne Vivolo’s Lifestyle blog. Joanne is a Mom to 3 children, Wife, Certified Business Woman, Creator of VIVOLOg, and Author of 5 books including best seller motivational Femme Fabulous. Her unique approach has built an empire while touching the hearts of thousands of women across her social media platforms. Also recently featured in HHH Magazine as a role model to women all around
Summer Is Here!Many people pick summertime to add a new addition to their family.At Pawsitive Pets Inc, our dog boxes are designed for any size dog. Big or small, puppy or adult dog all year round! They even make a great gift for a dog lover in your life that has just added a new addition to their family. A custom gift box, 3mth or 6 mth subscription box makes the PERFECT gift idea. Because
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Summer Heat

Posted by Pawsitive Pets Inc. on  July 6, 2020
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Summer is here and came in like a lion it seems! The humidity is at an ultimate high making it really tough on not only humans but also our pooches. Dogs do not “need” to be walked every day; we only think they do. There are many other ways of keeping our dogs entertained inside through routine training methods, light ball play, our snuffle mats are great for sensory and mental stimulation.While you want to
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All Natural Treats

Posted by Pawsitive Pets Inc. on  June 22, 2020
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Lets face it, there are many varieties of “all natural treats” out on the market. But what really does all natural mean? It can be very confusing when on the hunt for the best all natural treats for your pooch. Carefully having to read labels for a dog that may have food allergies is more then frustrating. Many people think by seeing “all natural” it must be the healthier alternative for me dog. And sometimes
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Benefits of Woofer Wash

Posted by Pawsitive Pets Inc. on  June 15, 2020
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Doggie odor……we have all experience it and its nasty! Or maybe your cute pooch has had a nasty run in with a skunk. Every dog carries an odor, some more noticable then others. While every dog does need a doggie spa treatment with all the trimmings to feel fresh, there are times where we just need to get them smelling fresh and clean in a pinch. That is where our all natural Woofer’s Wash Dry

New! Handmade Canadian Dog Toys

Locally made right here in Ontario, Canada; these handmade tug toys and snuffle mats.
The snuffle mats and tug ropes are made from Arctic fleece to prevent fraying. The Snuffle mat is great for developing sensory skills; just put some of your favorite treats inside the mat and it will keep your pooch entertained! Our tug toys are perfect for strengthening teeth!
Put your favorite toy or ball in our pull rope for added fun!



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